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Psychology simply.. for everyone

"We cannot control our thoughts but we can control our reactions on it"


The project Psychologista is a psychological project focused on the development of mental health, either in the form of individual therapies or through other campaigns. It was founded by psychologist Jiří Valášek, MA, MBA. The project involves individual therapies, blogs, podcasts, but also workshops and discussions with various personalities.

Calm Sea


Personal approach to mental health and self-development

Distanced Couple


We are not ashamed to have a cold, but we are afraid to admit anxiety. Mental discomfort is perceived by most of society as a weakness. It is our goal to change this thinking.


Lectures on mental health are an effective way to initiate discussion, especially in oneself and open up topics that should definitely not be taboo.



Individual therapy helps to find yourself and regain your mental strength. Whether it is development, mental health or life experiences that bring you to us, we can help you. Thanks to the specialization of our therapists, you can be sure that you will always find exactly what you are looking for.

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