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What is therapy?

Therapy is your place of safety, where nothing is taboo. It is about establishing a relationship between the client and the therapist, where psychotherapy leads to changes in the client's behavior, thinking or experiencing. The relationship between a therapist and a client is key. The client must feel good with the therapist but mainly safe.

How does it work?

Therapies can be different, mainly depending on the style of the therapist. Most often it is a dialogue between the therapist and the client with a specific goal. The usual therapy lasts about 50 minutes.

Does one have to prepare before therapy?

The beautiful thing about therapy is that you need nothing but yourself. However, it may happen that the therapist will prepare with the client a certain exercise outside the therapy. But you don't have to prepare for therapy. You carry everything you need with you every day.

Do I need to have a mental disorder to visit a psychologist?
Podporující skupina

Definitely not. There are many motivations and reasons to go to therapy.

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