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About the project

Mission: To dispel myths about mental health, person by person

Vision: To bring people closer to self-acceptance through campaigns, workshops and individual therapies

Mental health still does not have the importance it should. Self-acceptance is a concept that many are aiming for, but we do not know how to do it. Feelings are often not accepted but still are part of us. This project was created in 2020 by Jiří Valášek in order to bring psychology closer to people and spread awareness about mental health.


The Psychologista project brings together trusted psychologists, organizes campaigns, workshops and lectures to help people get to know themselves and accept themselves. It works with mental illness with the attention it definitely deserves.


The logo symbolizes the letter Psi embedded in the wings of a butterfly. The Greek letter Psi has often been referred to as a symbol of psychology since ancient Greece. At one point, the dominant Romans "translated" the letter Psi as a psyche, which in Latin meant a butterfly. The butterfly was perceived as a symbol of breath, life, energy and wind. A few translations later, and probably a combination of all the above, psyche also began to be a word for the soul. Ironically, the letter Psi in the shape of a trident was suitable for all religious organizations, because psychology was often called a heretical institution. In the history of psychology, one can read about the devil's trident, which played into the hands of all institutions that perceived the mentally ill as possessed by the devil. Fortunately, this time is over and today the letter Psi symbolizes an amazing social science - psychology.

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