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General information

Jiří Valášek MA, MBA is a psychologist providing therapy in both Czech and English. Therapies are possible either in person or electronically (eg Skype).

The length and nature of the therapeutic process may vary based on the style of the therapist, the client, but also based on the complexity of the problem or situation. During therapy, the so-called eclectic model is used, which means a combination of psychological approaches that the therapist considers most appropriate to address the current situation. All approaches are based on scientific research in the field of psychology and social sciences.

The therapy offers significant benefits but also certain risks. It often involves discussing unpleasant aspects of your life, or recalling unpleasant memories. Therefore, the risks may or may not include experiences of the following feelings, which may not always be pleasant: sadness, guilt, anger, frustration, loneliness, helplessness. This can often lead to feelings "worse than before the start of therapy". However, these feelings are usually short-lived. At the same time, the experience of these feelings can bring long-term benefits in the form of reducing negative feelings, improving coping mechanisms or conflicts in relationships. However, this cannot be guaranteed. However, long-term scientific research shows that most people benefit from therapies.


The therapy itself is very individual and it is not possible to generalize exactly its course. The therapy lasts 50 minutes and it is usually recommended, at least from the beginning, a regular time once a week. However, the length and frequency of therapies depends on many factors, but especially on the client's wishes, or agreement with the therapist.

For personal therapies, it is important to arrive at the agreed time. If you arrive earlier, it is possible that I will still be with the client before you. If you arrive later, unfortunately the agreed time still applies, as it is possible that another client will come after you and therefore I cannot compensate you for the delay time. At the same time, if you arrive later, the therapy fee will not be reduced by the delayed time. In case of online therapies, I will wait 10 minutes before charging the cancellation fee.

I will ask you to refrain from using mobile phones during therapy and also to silence them.

In the case of online therapies, I will call you at the agreed time. Unfortunately, if you have a delay, I cannot compensate you for the delay by extending it even financially. Skype, Zoom and Google Meets are a communication tools for audio and video communication operated by 3rd party companies along with their rules of confidentiality and privacy, for which the therapist bears no responsibility. At the same time, Skype, Zoom and Google Meets use the Internet, which is a public space, which carries certain risks itself. The protection of privacy and confidentiality is therefore governed by the rules of the Internet provider, software provider, or the Internet in general. As with other Internet communications, anything can be recorded, read, or otherwise distributed by a third party. The therapist has no control over this and cannot therefore accept responsibility for any damage or inconvenience caused thereby.



A 50-minute therapy costs CZK 2,000. Payments are accepted either in cash, or by bank transfer.

Account number: 3243888001/5500

If you pay in cash, I will ask you for the exact amount.


Cancellation of therapy

In case of your absence from the therapy without canceling it 48 hours prior, I will be forced to charge you the full amount. This also applies to online therapies.


Privacy Protection

In general, the privacy of all communications between the client and the therapist is protected by law and no information about the client can be disclosed without their  written consent. This also includes the very fact that they are a therapy client. However, privacy is an exception if there is a suspicion that the client could pose a risk to themselves or their surroundings. In such a case, protective measures may be taken, such as contacting the police, seeking hospitalization or contacting a family member. However, if such a situation occurs, the client will be sufficiently informed in advance, together with an explanation of why it is necessary.

Privacy is important and the world is a small place, so I would like to point out that if we meet in public somewhere, it is up to you if you want to greet me. I will respect your decision. If you greet me, I will answer, but if you do not feel like it, of course I understand and respect it. If you choose to greet me and I will be accompanied by someone, I will not introduce you for your privacy.

Sometimes I share part of my clients' problems in different situations, however, special care is taken to ensure that the client cannot be identified and I will never reveal which client is affected. It is more a matter of using demonstrative situations, which often help others in therapies as well.

If any notes are made during therapy, they will be stored safely with access only by the therapist.

General Data Protection Regulation

Based on Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on the protection of personal data and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (GDPR) is your data controller Your therapist, in this case Jiří Valášek, MA, MBA.

Personal data is processed to the following extent: name, email, telephone number, (or your billing information if you want to issue an invoice, also your address or emergency contact), and only for the purpose of providing services under a contract.

These data are necessary for the performance of the mentioned services for the agreement of the date, their transfer or cancellation.

This data is processed only by the therapist himself and is not made available to any third party.

Under these laws, clients have the right to access and correct this personal data, as well as other rights set out in  §21 of Act No. 101/2000 Coll.

If notes are taken, they are never available to third parties. Because we do not have contracts with health insurance companies, no medical documentation is kept.

By signing below, you agree to the processing of your personal data for the purposes mentioned in this document. You can withdraw your consent at any time.

Consent to therapy

Thank you!

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